We invite you to register and join us at this comprehensive event designed by dentists for all dentistry professionals involved in implantology.



The Global Implantology Institute (GII) provides a comprehensive toolbox to Dental Healthcare Professionals (DHC) interested in surgical and restorative dental implant procedures to encourage them to enter the dental implantology field or expand their knowledge. More than 120 million Americans have at least one missing tooth. The projected disconcerting number of patients suffering from this silent epidemic (edentulism) is set to increase to more than 200 million in America over the next 15 years and is even more staggering, worldwide. Yet, there is a shortage of qualified clinicians to render care for these patients. Starting with simple and progressing to complex implantology procedures, with all related topics in between, GII creates a stepping stone from extractions to implantology. Whether you are starting out, already placing and/or restoring dental implants, or wish to expand your knowledge, GII brings together seasoned educators from around the world to cater to colleagues of all specialties in dentistry.


Our mission is simple: Learn, Do, Teach, and share knowledge. Our vision is that more dentists and dental specialists provide implant services, which are rapidly becoming the standard of care. If you are an expert wishing to further your knowledge, or a dentist interested in surgery or the restorative aspects of treatment, this venue will expand your skills. A plethora of knowledge, experience, educators, lectures, and supply chain members awaits you. Whether you’re placing implants, restoring implants, are part of the support staff, or involved with the laboratory aspects of treatment, this meeting will expand your knowledge and skills and improve the scope of your practice.