Bone Regeneration Principles For Defects, Socket Grafting, Immediate Placement And Lateral Ridge Augmentation Using PRF/CGF


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About This Course

Dr. Javid believes in empowering the general dentist. Implant dentistry has become an integral part of daily dentistry. Even if the general practitioner does not want to place implants they should be able to properly graft the area and prepare the site for future implant placements. Thus treatment planning and being able to evaluate the CT scan is a must in today’s implant dentistry.

Course Objectives

  • Learn Bone type analysis and remodeling
  • Learn Socket grafting and immediate implant placement
  • Learn Lateral ridge augmentation: GBR and ridge splitting
  • Learn Crestal sinus lift technique
  • Learn Soft tissue management successful bone grafting outcome
  • Learn the application of membrane for immediate extraction and lateral defects
  • Learn the application of laser (Biolase) in implant dentistry – Hard and Soft tissue management
  • Learn treatment planning including ct scan evaluation. Case selection (all-on-four vs all-on-six)
  • Learn proper venipuncture technique
  • Learn about Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF/PRF), Autologous Fibrin glue (AFG) for “Sticky Bone” technique and other applications of Platelet Rich Fibrin
  • Learn how to manage various complications and failures

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