Immediate Implant Workshop , Two Day (November 5)

Sold By : Global Implantology Institute


Immediate Implant Hands-On Workshop (8 CEU)
One Day Seminar

Capacity: 25-30 Students

Locations: Varies (please see available locations under registration page)
Materials, rental instruments and supplies are included
November 5 , 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM


Registrations and Breakfast (30 minutes)
Introduction To The Socket Anatomy (1 hours) Dr. Yuri Ausker
Guided Bone Regeneration (1 hours) Dr. Thomas Wiedemann
Immediate Implants (1 hours) Dr. Wiedemann
Abutment Types and Temporalization Techniques (1 hours) Dr. Yuri Ausker
Catered Lunch (1 hours)
Immediate Implant Placement Techniques-Models and Pig Jaws (2 hours) Dr. Thomas Wiedemann/Dr. Ausker/1 Rotating Faculty
Temporary fabrication After Implant Placement – Models and Pig Jaws (2 hours) Dr. Thomas Wiedemann/Dr. Yuri Ausker/1 Rotating Faculty



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